Hi, I’m Jess – a weekend tourist!

My Mum always said I’d go to the opening of an envelope and travelling is a wonderful outlet for my curiosity; wanderlust is my number one hobby!

But like most, I’ve got a full-time day job, so my travelling is crammed into my free time – my lunch hour, my evenings, my weekends and the 25 days of annual leave a year.

As a student, I spent time living in Dubai and Sri Lanka, but now I’m a Weekend Tourist, determined to see the best of my immediate vicinity, the Cotswolds, of my home country, the UK and when time (and annual leave adds up), far-flung places.

Now, my escapades are shared with Tom – my partner in crime. A horticulturalist and beer geek, you’ll find the occasional blog post from Tom especially if it concerns beer or gardening.

So, that’s exactly what you can expect to find on the blog, inspiration for things to do on those glorious weekends.

Finding your way around:

  • Visit ‘The Cotswolds’ for hidden gems in the area.
  • ‘Travel’ for weekend adventures and things to do in a week or longer.

If you’ve got any pointers for being a weekend tourist, then do drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook!