I’m a Blogtacular Virgin!


Blogtacular is all but one week away and I’ve been cramming in the podcast over the last few weeks in attempt to feel marginally more prepared for the big day. I now know the Podcast intro by heart now!Going-to-Blogtacular-200

“Blogtacular is the conference for creative bloggers and independent business owners held in London each year…”

In fact I can now read anything Blogtacular related and hear the dolcette tones of Kat Molesworth ringing between the ears… but it’s really useful for getting to know the keynote speakers and introducing me to a world of other bloggers beyond my own niche.

Photographs © Xanthe Berkely for Blogtacular

Plus, I’ve already picked up some great hints which I’ve put in to practice. Inspired by Monica Stott’s early interview, I successfully pitched to QBIC Hotel in East London’s to join me in a Blogtacular themed collaboration and I’m pleased to say I’ll be getting some much needed shut eye there on Friday night if anyone else happens to be that way! This is definitely something I know I probably wouldn’t have got round to do if it hadn’t been for the podcast.


If the podcast is anything to go by then Blogtacular itself, I’m sure, will be a complete information download. Blogtacular has also been a great prompt for getting myself and the blog a little bit more ship shape. These charming fellows arrived today!

Officially ready for #blogtacular #yellowisitmeyourelookingfor

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As well as confessing my Blogtacular virginity, I thought I’d use this post to introduce myself to my fellow attendees…SIGN ME UP!

Name – Jess Friend (Yep that is my real name and is not a practical joke like my local Chinese takeaway believes)

Blog – Tom (my partner in crime) and I blog about our weekend adventures in the Cotswolds, the UK and when annual leave adds up, far flung places.

Blog inspiration – We all know that we never do the stuff that’s on our doorstep and are more likely to be ‘tourist’ on holiday. Well that doesn’t make sense, being a tourist is fun and we shouldn’t just do it two weeks a year on holiday. Normal life should be holiday to.

Where I’ll be staying: QBIC London Hotels – anybody else that way?

So that’s it… quick checklist…

  • new blogger cards (yep);
  • suggested tatty devine name necklace (check);
  • long anguishing internal debates on whether I need my SLR camera or just rely on an unreliable iPhone (check);
  • outfit planned (yep) –
  • outfit B, C, D planned (check :-/);
  • and a good deal of excitement!




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