Masterchef’s Billy & Jack Winter Warmer Supper Club

It was with some surprise that I heard a familiar voice of on this year’s amateur Masterchef, and not just the twang of John Torode and Greg Wallace, but that of an ol’ school chum, Jack. Masterchef became compulsive Friend-Bartlett family viewing and after a few memorable creations including the coriander cheesecake, we were watching Jack just miss out on the top spot in the final.

Billy & Jack

So when the opportunity came up to join 40 other diners at the London Cooking Project for Billy & Jack’s latest supper club, we were there in a flash. Jack teamed up with fellow Masterchef contestant, Billy Wright, to form the dynamic duo – Billy & Jack and the pair have been touring the foodie circuit with a host of demos, but most excitingly you can sample their grub and watch the pair in action at their series of supper  clubs.

Billy & Jack

As a venue the London Cooking Project adds a certain aspect of theatre with a big open, chrome kitchen allowing you to watch the chefs at work – we promptly took a seat at the front of the house. The London Cooking Project is a social enterprise in Battersea that works to provide opportunities for young professionals in the industry, so its host to a multitude of pop-ups and supper clubs.

Billy & Jack

Sat at long tables, we soon got to know our fellow diners – many family and friends, I spotted Jack’s brother at the end, who I swear I babysat at least twice. We all enjoyed a glass of spiced plum fizz with a chicken, celeriac and apple bite/canapé. Here’s a run down of their Winter Warmer menu!

Bubble & Squeak with a pickled egg

Billy & Jack

Hake with mussels, Jerusalem artichoke, leeks

Billy & Jack

Sausage and bacon with celeriac, apples, sprouts and chestnuts

Billy & Jack

Butternut squash cake with a huge chocolate and hazelnut shard.

Billy & Jack

Of course, none of this was served in the traditional sense! It would seem that the pair work on menus together trialing out dishes on each other and loved ones, but I suspect that cooking for 40 is much more of an undertaking than cooking for four.

Billy & Jack

It was smashing seeing Jack, (who annoyingly has been brilliant at everything even from the age of five) and Billy strut their stuff and we’ll soon be back for the next one! I am hoping the coriander cheesecake will resurface at a later date.



  1. December 6, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    Great story Jess, photos are fab too!

    • December 6, 2016 / 5:16 pm

      Thanks Maddie, hope you’re keeping well – have you been to one yet? I’ll definitely be going again – maybe we should make it a reunion 🙂

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