Painswick Rococo Gardens – one of the Daily Mail’s top 20!

Painswick Rococo Gardens is THE ultimate outdoor entertaining space, best described by the website…

‘The Rococo Garden is a fascinating step back to a flamboyant and sensual period of English Garden Design, when gardens were almost theatrical sets used as a backdrop to decadent garden parties. One thing they were not were great flower gardens, any plantings included being just light decoration around the central mini landscape theme.’

Painswick House was bought be Charles Hyett in 1730s, who hoped to alleviate his asthmatic symptoms by moving away from foggy Gloucester. Unfortunately Charles didn’t have long to enjoy his new home, which he called Buenos Ayres.

His son Benjamin created the fanciful garden and commissioned local artist, Thomas Robins to paint the garden in 1748. And thank goodness he did, it’s from this illustration that garden historians were able to recreate the garden in the 1980s after it had been neglected for decades. Now it’s one the Daily Mail’s top 20 gardens to visit in the UK!

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The Maze The maze was laid as part of the 250th anniversary celebrations and I obliged here to declare that my Mum’s trick of always turning right in a maze paid off, she beat me to finding the centre of all three individual mazes! Painswick Rococo Garden Kitchen Garden I felt that the Kitchen Garden is overlooked by a lot who a drawn to the more eye catching Exedra. But it’s full with different vegetables, beautifully laid out and I believe the it’s produce are used in the little café. Painswick Rococo Garden The Red House A lucky couple were saying their ‘I do’s’ at the Red House when we were there. It’s totally magnificent setting but I wasn’t keen on the fact that all the guests had to stand on a hill during the ceremony.  Sorry bridal hat on their. Painswick Rococo Garden Exedra A little piece of classic Greco-architecture here stand at the top of the valley overlooking the garden like a temple to nature. Good spot for wedding photographs!

Yesterday's wedding venue was 🙀 #garden #visitengland #darlingweekend

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Eagle House

Another spot where you can get married!  Although I appreciate that these gardens have been painstakingly and lovingly restored by the trust and it takes a sizeable budget to look after the property, there are some parts of the restoration particularly when it comes the buildings where they just look a bit too artificial, a bit Disney like?

Painswick Rococo Gardens

The Café – excellent cake all round!!




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